Siemens Mobility remains in Zoetermeer

Siemens Mobility B.V. has committed itself to the Dutch Tech Campus (DTC) in the Dutch Innovation Park for another ten years.

Part of the agreement is to make the building more sustainable, including a new main entrance. With the choice of Siemens Mobility for DTC, the company is expressing its confidence in both the campus and the Dutch Innovation Park, in which various parties will be investing heavily in the coming years.

“Siemens has been closely associated with the Dutch Tech Campus for years. The location in Zoetermeer offers more than employment. It is essential for the further development of the campus and valuable for the entire Dutch Innovation Park. The presence of this leading international company makes it attractive for entrepreneurs to settle here and offers students the opportunity to collaborate on innovative projects. ” explains Alderman Iedema (Economy, Education & Innovation).

Durable, spatial and flexible

The building where Siemens Mobility will be located from September 2021 will be renovated to the climate compliant class B and Energy label A. The installation technology will be almost completely renewed and the building will be equipped with heat pumps and solar panels.
“With the new office, Siemens Mobility ensures that the customers are even more central. At the same time, we want to increase our attractiveness as an employer with the new work environment. The fresh, modern and sustainable office will stimulate collaboration and creativity ”, says Olivier Gueydan, CEO Siemens Mobility B.V..

About Dutch Tech Campus

The Dutch Tech Campus, owned by PingProperties, is a campus where various national and international companies in the field of smart technology, ICT and logistics are connected. Current and new tenants can share knowledge and work together. Several successful companies are located on the campus, including Siemens Mobility, WSAudiology, ATOS Medical, Reconext and Gray Valley. More information:

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