Research group Data Science in the Dutch Innovation Factory

In the first quarter of 2020, the Data Science research group started in the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer. The research group focuses on everything concerning practical research in the field of data science and Artificial Intelligence. This means that AI systems are discussed from A to Z; from researching and designing them to implementing and regulating such systems.

“Our vision is to become a leading – both regionally and globally – academic hub of excellence and talent incubator for hands-on AI and data science, with an emphasis on human and societal values ​​and responsible and ethical implementation. We hope to achieve this by working closely with the municipality of Zoetermeer and other important regional and global players. ”

– Lampros Stergioulas, lecturer Data Science –

Ethical and moral issues

Various ethical and moral issues arise around the subject of Artificial Intelligence. These will be extensively examined by the research group. This could be issues such as:

  • How will stakeholders be able to understand AI technologies and their implications and make informed decisions about their use?
  • How can awareness of the hidden assumptions and values ​​that underlie AI and data science infrastructures be increased?

It will also investigate how the use of AI and data science in healthcare influences the responsibilities of various stakeholders.

Impact on education and society

In the field of education, new innovative and practical programs in the field of AI and science around (big) data will be considered. Making a real impact on social problems using real data sets is paramount here. Areas such as health care, social care, urban transformation and social innovation will also be examined.

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