MKB Digiwerkplaats has the official go

Published by the Dutch Innovation Factory on August 12, 2020

mkb digiwerkplaats (SME digiwerkplaats) has the official go! The subsidy application has been approved – together with four other workshops. This means that they can start to support SMEs in their digitization needs. The four other workshops are DOC SME digitization workshop (Drechtsteden region), Digilab (Foodvalley), Digital workshop Flevoland and Digital workshop Zwolle region.

At mkb digiwerkplaats in the Dutch Innovation Factory, students help local entrepreneurs with the digital opportunities, challenges and possibilities for their company. “Especially nowadays, technology is proving indispensable, everywhere we are switching en masse to digital solutions to keep the world going. For many smaller entrepreneurs this is a huge challenge because they do not have the necessary knowledge and skills. The broad SMEs can therefore use a helping hand. ” (Source: Human Capitol Top Sectors)

The five newest workshops have the ambition to jointly help more than 1,250 SMEs. An estimated 4,300 students are deployed for this. mkb digiwerkplaats will work with the other workshops to support SMEs as optimally as possible.

Mkb digiwerkplaats

Who? Students from The Hague University of Applied Sciences and mboRijnland.
Where? In the region of The Hague – Delft – Zoetermeer centered in the Dutch Innovation Factory.
In collaboration with: municipality of Zoetermeer, municipality of Delft, municipality of The Hague and the Province of South Holland.

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