Interview: Tellick

Meet the entrepreneurs in the Dutch Innovation Park



One of the first students of the HBO-ICT program in Zoetermeer is now a successful entrepreneur at the place where it all started: Dennie Bastiaan started the software company Tellick in 2013, in the Dutch Innovation Factory, which is well-known territory for him. Here he’s working together with students on creating the software platforms of the future.

Who is Tellick?

Who better to tell that than the founder himself? “Tellick is a software company that helps with the digitization of organizations and society. The way we do this is by offering a number of services that we are good at, namely developing software, managing software and helping teams to be their best selves. ” They started small, but that in no way reflects on Tellick’s ambitions.

“I don’t have delusions of grandeur, but we have to stop thinking small.”


Projects and innovations

Stop thinking small is something that can be found in every aspect of Tellick. A striking example is the development of a ready-to-use Virtual Reality platform. Tellick sees it as its mission to make the often too expensive VR more accessible for business processes. Among other things, by offering affordable software in the form of a Content Management System (CMS). By offering ready-to-use software, Tellick hopes to make VR more easily available.

“Continuous improvement means that we always remain critical of ourselves and our work, so that we keep improving. Innovation is at the center of this.”


This software, called Tellick Experience, can be used to bring hard-to-reach places closer to home. Think of a virtual tour of a museum. This technology is also suitable for trainings, for example in healthcare, or for treating PTSD. The premise is to provide this software for students and non-profit organizations for free. The pilot will start next month.


Over the past year, Tellick has achieved great successes. The biggest achievements have been the two apps that have been developed in collaboration with students from The Hague University of Applied Sciences for transport company HTM.

“Our professional compass is always the same: we go for smart, innovative, digital solutions that help organizations and people be more effective.”


The first app helps conductors communicate with each other more easily. The second app lets people on the platform know where they can best board the tram, based on how busy each compartment is. This is measured in a privacy-friendly way, by means of body temperature. LED strips on the platform then indicate where best to board. With this innovative app, the student group won the Zoetermeerse Innovation Prize in February 2019!

Together with students

Students are an indispensable part of Tellick. At the moment, the employees consist of (recently graduated) students. “It’s a group of great talents that I can rely on completely. It really is a team effort. ”

Collaboration with students is very important to Tellick. Founder Dennie can still very well remember what it was like to study at the program, and would like to involve students in the business processes: “I try to encourage students to come by. For example, I organize pizza sessions. During a pizza session we come together to discuss the annual Google I / O conference, while enjoying pizzas.” The current measures regarding corona should not spoil the fun. According to Dennie, the distance seems to have become smaller because of Teams, students now proverbially knock  more easily than they used to do at the physical door.

Future vision

What lies ahead? To become a bigger player in the European market if it’s up to Dennie: “We are now using platforms that are mainly developed in the United States. Let’s bring this closer home by developing platforms ourselves. More platform-oriented thinking. Tellick wants to lay the solid foundation for this, become the center of expertise. ”

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