Interview: Infinity IT

Meet the entrepreneurs in the Dutch Innovation Park



What started as a vision a few years ago, has now grown into a successful IT company. Helping customers with IT solutions to the fullest extent, that’s what Infinity IT stands for. Partly due to the rapid growth of Infinity IT after its founding, the Dutch Innovation Park quickly became home base, founders Jordan Peters and Wilbert Kandt say. Together with their team, they’re based in the Dutch Innovation Factory, where they stay ahead of the fast-moving IT market by continuously innovating their services.


Infinity IT offers a range of smart and innovative IT solutions, aimed mainly at medium to large sized companies and enterprises. Such organizations place high demands on availability, speed and safety. A good mix of seasoned IT workers and new talent makes Infinity IT an important pivot to deliver the right solution(s). “Our strength is specialist IT knowledge. A combination of our experience and strong partnerships, ensures that we can always offer a suitable solution that really helps the customer to move forward. We don’t only look at what the customer asks, but also examine what the customer needs. We ensure that our services constantly match these needs.” said Jordan. Working together is an important condition for success. That is why Infinity IT invests in sustainable partnerships, both with customers and suppliers, whereby the delivery of knowledge and quality is paramount.

“We offer future-proof solutions which really help the customer move forward”



Many entrepreneurs have faced challenges in recent months. But turbulent times can also offer opportunities for development and success. Wilbert explains: “During corona times, we were able to help various companies to continue their business activities. Many companies were not ready for the sudden great need to work from home safely. We for example helped organizations realize Cloud workplaces, secure home-work connections were established, and we helped hospitals migrate to a more modern infrastructure during the lockdown period. This ensured that they were able to fully focus on carrying out the workflow of their care processes without having to worry about performance issues.”


To stand still is to regress, and Infinity IT does not fit that description. That’s why they developed a plan to respond to the rapidly changing world in an innovative way: the corona wearable. “This wristband is linked to an app and vibrates when someone comes within six feet of you,” Jordan continues. The wearable also measures the air conditions in a room to map out the conditions that affect the chance of infection. It could play a role in the contact tracing of people infected with the virus. “We are developing the app together with students in the Dutch Innovation Factory. The collaboration with education is important to us: we stay informed of the latest developments and the students bring a lot of knowledge to the table.”

“The park contributes to our success”



Infinity IT is a good example of the successful collaboration of entrepreneurship, education and the Community in the Dutch Innovation Park. Wilbert: “The Park contributes to our successes. Partners are impressed by the environment and feel inspired when they come to visit.” For Infinity IT, the Dutch Innovation Factory is a great environment to work together. You stand among the people; students and entrepreneurs. And there’s always movement.
Infinity IT is also a member of the Dutch Innovation Community: “The Community connects us with other members. That results in close partnerships with other members within the building. When we’re looking for knowledge that is beyond our expertise, it’s useful that we can work together with other experts within the network.”