Education, government and well-being join forces for development of mobile meeting place for young seniors

The Hague University of Applied Sciences, MBO Rijnland, the municipality of Zoetermeer and the Centers for Innovative Craftsmanship in Welfare & Care and Smart Technology are working together on the development of an Experimentation House in Zoetermeer. This is a mobile neighborhood room where (young) seniors can meet and talk with students and healthcare workers about the healthcare technology, facilities and guidance required to live and travel independently and healthily for as long as possible.

Tailor-made research
One of the recommendations in the recently published study Well prepared young seniors in Zoetermeer was to facilitate a physically accessible location for those involved. A physical location close to the living environment of the residents makes it possible to carry out and facilitate tailor-made research activities and to optimize security, privacy and participation. The Experimentation House, which is currently located on the site of the Dutch Innovation Factory in the Dutch Innovation Park, will have this function.

Multidisciplinary teams
The partners are currently joining forces to prepare for the September kick-off. MBO and HBO students from various courses among which care, welfare and technology in Zoetermeer will be involved in the research process, who will work on the issue in multidisciplinary teams.

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