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Every day is about making new plans and developing promising ideas. The Dutch Innovation Park is constantly evolving – from the realization of new business spaces to the facilitation of crossovers and innovative projects. These companies are already part of the Dutch Innovation Park.

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The Big Data Innovatiehub helps companies to make their production and processes more efficient by means of data analysis. The Big Data Innovation Hub is a connection node between supply and demand for big data issues.

Cloud Seven offers services for solving Enterprise Mobility issues, within the themes operations and innovation. As a result, organizations reduce costs, complexity and downtime of their mobile services, devices and apps, and will be able to realize promising innovations at a faster rate.

Deep Orange develops custom applications, mobile APPs and Cloud solutions for planning, reporting, workflow, tax backup, navigation and operations for connected vehicles.

FourICT advises organizations on optimizing (digitizing) their operational business processes. FourICT looks at what can be done better and more efficiently in existing processes and supports this with modern software solutions.

Quebble develops software that allows childcare and education to work together optimally in the field of administration. Quebble develops, implements and manages its SaaS solution.

Teleplan offers integrated, innovative, customer-oriented and sustainable solutions at the intersection of technology and supply chain. Teleplan is the partner for leading communication, computer, technology and consumer electronics companies.

Zetacom a system integrator, helps to improve the collaboration, accessibility and work processes of organizations: in SMEs, the large business market and healthcare in particular.

Blue Coded is a technical partner in everything related to IT; from (web) development to custom software systems and from user support to telephony and cloud services.

Crosspring is a Startup Incubator for technical companies and helps start-ups grow through hands-on business support, investments and advice.

DGI Doedijns provides solutions in the field of power, motion and control systems, and the associated components and service. DGI Doedijns specializes in drive applications such as hydraulic, pneumatic and control equipment.

Grey Valley is thé incubator and network in the field of aging. Grey Valley is committed to making the Netherlands the best country to grow old, by connecting start-ups and scale-ups to companies.

Sqits helps companies grow, by digitizing business processes with user-friendly and user-centered software. Sqits helps to digitize the business and processes through smart process optimization.

Tellick works on high quality innovative software; by building software themselves or by helping teams improve themselves into highly effective software teams. Tellick works on positive innovation and impact on the digital society.

Bureauvijftig is a target group agency that provides knowledge, advice and (communication) products for organizations that develop products or services for people over the age of 50. Bureauvijftig helps organizations to fully understand and reach the 50+ community.

Datafiber has its own data center and provides high-quality business internet via fiber optic and beam transmitters. In addition, Datafiber offers standard Cloud services, such as: VoIP telephony and Office 365.

FileLinx is a no-code software platform that helps organizations to structure data, files and e-mails and to robotize business processes without needing to have any knowledge of code writing.

Infinity supplies MultiCloud IT solutions in areas such as the Secure Workspace, Software Defined Datacenters and various IT security services.

Staffingteam is an ICT secondment agency for professionals with an IT degree within the ICT infrastructure. In addition, Staffingteam acts as an intermediary for the hiring of freelancers for various clients.

Venéco delivers ICT, with the end user as the starting point. In the cloud. At location. Or hybrid. As a certified Gold partner of Microsoft, Venéco combines its expertise with the limitless possibilities of Office 365 and Azure.